The Postino Faux Pas

Postino is a popular Phoenix area restaurant and with good reason. I actually went there for the first time on a great date. It was perfect because the casual, cozy vibe lends itself to sharing plates and bottles of wine. But, it was a second date and I was very into him, so cozy was good. It was actually the second date that led to the infamous guy I slept with on the second date.

Last night I got asked there on a first date and just asking was the poor guy’s first strike. There are three locations of Postino but I live close to none of them and on a first date I don’t like the guy enough to make that drive. Especially considering what happened once we got there.

He was sweating. Like a decent amount. It’s been a warm fall in Arizona, but the nights cool down. I was in my go-to black sundress and he was in his hipster best (lumberjack shirt, skinny jeans) that made him blend well with the wait staff and, so I thought, made him sweat a lot. Then he said he rode there. Now, I already knew he picked that place because it was convenient for him and saving the environment is cool and all, but I had just driven 30 minutes and he rode there?!

Me: Like on a bike-bike? (As opposed to a bike, which would be a motorcycle, obvi.)

Him: On my skateboard.

He rode a fucking skateboard to our first date because he lives four blocks away. That is one of my biggest dating pet peeves – the location thing, not the skateboard thing…I have to say that’s a first!

Other not so good things that happened include: his main picture (he’s a POF gem) was him drinking something and the others were equally artsy. His teeth weren’t terrifying or anything, but the way my mind filled in the blanks of his face were not accurate and I just wasn’t super attracted to him. It might also have had to do with the sweaty lumberjack look he was rocking. Hipsters aren’t for me.

Then he ordered a second beer. That in itself wasn’t offensive, but I was checked out at that point and it was getting crowded and loud so I was screaming across the table at him and he still couldn’t hear me. It wasn’t like awful, walk out, never-again worthy, but I was done.

He was sweet and even acknowledged his location faux pas when we talked about where I work/work out/live (all within my five-mile comfort zone), saying he had just assumed I lived in Old Town area, which is significantly closer. Then he suggested next time we could go someplace by me. Sure…

On first dates, do you try to meet in the middle? Make the man come to you?

If you’re not into him and he asks you to meet up again, do you vaguely say uh huh (like me) or tell him thanks but no thanks right then and there?



3 thoughts on “The Postino Faux Pas

  1. “His teeth weren’t terrifying or anything” haha, always gotta check the teeth! I usually meet a guy in the middle for a first date. Then again, I live in NYC so no one really drives to dates here. Nice post!

  2. I just had a guy ask me out, ask me where I live, and then suggest a place 30 minutes away… where he lives. The date is tonight, I guess we will see … but I’m already annoyed!

    I wish you would’ve given me a head’s up you were in my neighborhood, I could’ve observed/stalked your awkward date

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